Gift Certificates - Not available to purchase
Prior purchases need to be redeemed

Online gift certificates are electronic gift certificates that you purchase and give as a gift. These gift certificates can only be used online; they cannot be redeemed in the Mobile App, on a bus or train, an RTD station, or grocery store.

Gift certificate codes will be emailed to the recipient within one business day of purchase. Nothing is mailed. The code is required to enter an order by the recipient. The recipient will enter the code exactly, including symbols and is case sensitive, as the form of payment for their fare media online order.

When making a purchase with a gift certificate, the difference in price on the product being sold must be paid with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. If the amount of the purchase is lower than the amount of the gift certificate, the remaining value will still be available for future purchases.

Gift certificates do not have a cash value and will not be refunded once purchased.

If you’ve placed an online order and need to make a change or have concerns, please email

$25 RTD Gift Certificate

$50 RTD Gift Certificate

$75 RTD Gift Certificate

$100 RTD Gift Certificate